Ths is an offshoot of the Sucklist. In essence, it is people who suck. Since it was started in 1982, and some entries were put on because they really "sucked" that day, I do not know who some of these people are; but that doesn't mean they don't suck anymore. These entries have been denoted by an asterisk (*). If you know who these people are, please tell me. This list differs from the Sucklist, in that they can be removed from the list, which some already have been. You, the reader will not get to see those people.

Since there are so many assholes in this world, the SUCKLIST would have grown enormous. Solution: Make a secondary list for only people. QED.

Michael Jackson
Fun Boy Three
Kevin Rowland
Kool and the Gang
Slim Whitman
REO Speedwagon
Boy George
Anthony Alvarado *
Jesse Jackson
Phil Collins
King Hussein
George Steinbrenner
Lionel Richie
Amin Gemayal
Rick James
Manhattan Transfer
Liz "fat ugly" Taylor
Baby Doe
Prince Charles
Gus Hall
Francis Purcell
Al Jureau
Luis Farrakhan (also on the Sucklist)
Dan Quisenberry
Andrea Robertson
Omar Moreno
Herbie Hancock
Irene Cara
Toby Harrah
Person at tennis court on 7/4/84
Victor Kiam
Venessa Redgrave
David Cornwell
Geraldine Ferraro
Robert Kisk
Pat McCormick *
Barry Ravioli
Pieter W. Botha
Mike Armstrong (baseball player)
Meg Griffin
Donald Trump
John Madden
Lyle Alzado
Patrick Ewing
Pee Wee Herman
Whoopi Goldberg
Sandra Bernhardt
Shari Belafonte Harper
Bob Morrone
Ferdinand Marcos
his wife
JJ Jackson
Ed Whitson
Jake Garn
Martina Navaratilova
Oral Roberts
Oprah "cow" Winfrey
Jim Bakker
Ed Meese
Jarry Falwell
Arsenio Hall
Tipper Gore
Al Sharpton
Pat Robertson
Jimmy Swaggart
Bob Dole
Pet Shop Boys
Kane Gang
Beluios Some
Gene Loves Jezebel
Go West
G.E. Smith
Leona Helmsley
Jackie Mason
Mary Beth Whitehead
Glen Close
Kan Harrelson
Mary Steenburgen
Tawana Brawley
Helen Ready
Shirley McLaine
Vince Sculley
Hedda Nussbaum
Norm Dvoskin
Tracy Chapman
Dallas Green
Sally Jessie Raphael
Robin Williams
Bob Saget
Saddam Hussein
Dick Cheney
New Kids On The Block
Adam Currie
Martha Quinn
Ralph Reed
Tori Amos
Alanis Morrisette
Melissa Etheridge
the yodelling chick from the Cranberries
Joan Osborne  
Deion Sanders
Richard Simmons
Counting Crows
No Doubt
Everything But The Girl
Mariah Carey
Fiona Apple
Bryan Adams
Spice Girls
Paula Cole
Celine Dion
Bob Costas
Tiger Woods
Sister Hazel
Juan Gonzales
Matchbox 20
Suzyn Waldman
Trent Lott
Larry King
Mike Keenan
Pat Riley
James Cameron
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Counting Crows (then after they die, spit on their graves!)
Backstreet Boys
En Vogue
N Sync
98 Degrees
Any male who who doesn't have a lick of musical talent, dances for a living
    and claims he is a pop artist (eg. previous 4 entries)
Brittney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Jessica Simpson
Janet Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Any bimbo who who doesn't have a lick of musical talent, dances for a living
    and claims she is a pop artist (eg. previous 4 entries)
Sheila Nicholls
Warren Beatty
The annoying little girl from the Pepsi commericals
Bill Gates (how'd I miss this one?!)
Carrot Top
Vonda Shepard
Barry Bonds
George W Bush
Ashlee Simpson
Condolizza Rice
Rafael Palmiero
Mel Gibson
Terrell Owens
Drew Rosenhaus
Mitt Romney
Dane Cook
Amy Winehouse
Lindsay Lohan
Everyone from "Jersey Shore"

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