Yet another song about yet another girl (sorry, no names)

[sorry, this line would give away who it is]
She was so cheerful, she could wipe out a frown
But after a while everyone could tell
That a manic depressive was under that shell

She strung me along, I didn't care
She used me like a tool, that wasn't fair
With an empty thanks and a puss on her face
It's best that she's gone, and out of my place

She lied about her salary, she lied about her credit
She thinks she's pretty clever, but she just doesn't get it
The stories she was telling didn't make sense
Did she really think that I could be that dense

She may not have liked the attention she got
But I have seen things happen more often than not
When a naive girl comes out for some fun
Then ends up regretting the things she has done

My apology was never accepted
But her apology was never suggested
She beat the odds, made it all on her own
Selfish and mistrust shows her manners haven't grown

She may not have seen it but I was her friend
But the way I was treated, my feelings need to mend
She'll never say sorry, that's not her style
So I'm turning the page, I'm changing the dial

She couldn't handle the respect that she got
From some stranger who showed that he cared a lot
So she turned into a bitch right toward the end
Maybe one day she'll realize the meaning of a friend

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