Song about another girl (sorry, no names)

You came into my life for a month
It seemed like we were having fun
But you wouldn't let me get any closer
Now our relationship is gone and done

It seems something must have changed your mind
Of what this is i cannot find
The silent treatment makes me wonder
Did i do something you saw as a blunder

All I get out of you is hostility
I'm dealing with it to the best of my ability
But what you're doing is just not right
Do you do it just out of spite?

You're fighting a battle with your inner conflicts
You're trying to cope but you're feelings are mixed
I wanted to help but you're difficult to gauge
All you express is your feeling of rage

Now i treat you like me never even met
But I feel like I haven't seen your worst side yet
Your anger is just building up inside
You cover up but it's something you can't hide

Sometimes you send the wrong signals
It's enough to make someone confused
No matter how much pain and anguish you cause
It only seems to make you amused

You've got to curb your immature actions
'Cause it's going to get you in trouble someday
Someone may not take no for an answer
Maybe you'll have to learn your lesson that way

But one day you'll hopefully learn
When it finally comes up to your turn
That hurting people is not what to do
'Cause one day it'll turn back on you

She's cute like a little button
She should realize it but she doesn't
She's got a problem, and she's gonna get someone hurt

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