- you absolutely MUST see Steve Meyer at the Club. I think he usually goes on around 5 or so. He doesn't play every night so check the schedule when you get there. Go with a crowd, get there early to get a table, bring your drinking shoes and plan to stay til the end!!!

- a good place to hang out that's not as crazy is the Red Lion...it's nearly impossible to go to Vail and not spend a few hours there.

- if you end up skiing on a warm, sunny day and for some reason decide to pack it in a little early, head to Los Amigos. It's a Vail tradition to drink Margaritas in the sun on their outside deck and watch skiiers crash and burn on Pepi's Face.

- you won't have any problems finding good restaurants, although you may have a hard time finding an affordable one. We had a great meal at a place called the Montauk Seafood House (or something like that). If it's still open, you can share a dog bowl at dinner at KB Ranch. It's in Lionshead past the gondola.

Oh yeah, you may spend some time on the mountain too:

- be prepared for the catwalks...they are a necessary evil...and no whining, remember: you're at Vail and I'm not!

- the Back Bowls is where you want to ski, although they can get crunchy/cruddy if it doesn't snow. China Bowl will probably be the most crowded, but there is some decent tree skiing to the left of the lift. Have some yakatori chicken for lunch at the bottom of the China Bowl lift.

- avoid Mid-Vail at mid-morning like it's the plague...especially on the weekend. If you plan on taking the Rasta Bahn...oops, the Vista Bahn lift in the morning, get there early because the lift-lines at Mid Vail can be very long. You can also head to the Riva Bahn lift in the morning instead of Vista Bahn to avoid the crush...the longer walk may be worth it. - if you're legs are tired and you feel like cruising, Lionshead is a good place to ski and is usually less crowded. Same goes for Game Creek Bowl

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