FAQ (Fucking Annoying Quotes)

I'm trying something new here. For the first time in history, I am accepting input from the public. Here is my list of quotes and quotations that really piss me off. This list is very short right now as I just started it in May 1997. I will keep this list in two columns; My entries and the public's entries. If I like one of your suggestions, I will add it to my list too, giving you full credit. When I have more time, I will make this page into a form where you can submit your entry, but right now the only way to convey your suggestions is through E-Mail to garystrauss at freeshell dot org.

During the E-Mail phase, just tell me that you don't want your name or address used and I won't use it. If you want either or both used, tell me so. If you don't tell me anything, you're at my mercy.

My personal favorites (or hate's)
The public's entries
"Show me the money"Never ASSUME. It makes an ASS of U and ME
Yadda yadda yaddaMy bad (from P)
Nothin' but netYou go boy/girl (from P)
Whassup with that?You da man (from P)
"Pound for pound..."I shit you not (from MJ)
Talk to the handNot! (from P)
Don't go thereThey're so pretentious
Not exactlyIs it hot enough for ya? (from Ken)
The fucking "We will, we will rock you" at sporting eventsIt's not heat, it's the stupidity (from Ken)
Keeping up with the Jones'Been there, done that (Adam P)
There ya goI wouldn't shit you, your my favorite turd (Victoria)
Thanks in advanceI think not
Well qualified returning lesseesA long way to go (from Chuck)
Best ______ ever!I could care less (from Chuck)
There's never been a better time to...AT THE END OF THE DAY........ (from McAfee)
Lights outTHE BOTTOM LINE IS ....... (from McAfee)
ANY THING YOU CAN DO , I CAN DO BETTER (from Jim Volpone, Las Vegas)
WORD (from Jim Volpone, Las Vegas)
THAT'S THE WAY THE BALL BOUNCES (from Jim Volpone, Las Vegas)
Abortion was legal consider yourself Lucky!!! (from Brassy)
I spent my time in Vietnam, but I wasn't the only soldier there (from Samara Smith)
I love the Veggie Tales - it's not just for kids! (Jeff Mitin)

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