Clitoris Song (The Man In The Boat)

Jill Sobule was asked to write a song for her friend's daughter's birthday. We all know how corny children's songs are, and she decided to write the song so that children would see it one way and that adults would see the adult meaning behind the fluff. I transcribed this from the Spew+ CD put out by Atlantic Records, and this is the exact copy of what I printed out and threw onto the stage to her at Steven's Talkhouse in The Hamptons in 1998. The story behind that one is this:

I have been yelling out "Clitoris" at every show ever since my adventure with her on stage in 1995. She keeps saying that she has done the song only once, yet she does it every time I request it. In November 1997, she said she didn't remember how the song went, so I came up with a devious plan to bring the lyrics with me so that if she decided to use that excuse again, I would be prepared.

I yelled out "Clitoris" and sure enough, she said she wasn't sure how the song went anymore. (The perfect response and opportunity I was waiting for.) So I approached the stage, complete with the lyrics and gave it to her. She was totally flabbergasted that I had the lyrics. I think she thought I was just kidding, but when she looked at them she said, 'Oh wow, they really ARE the lyrics." She played it and after the song wondered, "What kind of person would carry around the lyrics to 'Clitoris' with them? Enough said.

Oh, one more thing. I am sure these lyrics are copyrighted, and I am breaking some law, but maybe it will get me recognition and Jill will yell at me. Also, I am pretty sure at least one person who was at the Steven's Talkhouse show is going to look up the lyrics on the Internet, so I decided to put them up, pronto!

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The man in the boat in the middle of the lake
sits in his cabin and patiently waits
for the rain to pour
and the wind to blow his sails

TMITB, he's a sensitive sort
but he likes adventure when you climb aboard
as he sets his sails
watching out for whales

la la la la la la

TMITB, oh oh

and just like Marco Polo he brings spices from the East
but he's just a little weary of those natives on the beach
and you may try to lure him in like those sirens in the storm
but he's got a mind of his own

TMITB, well he swelling with pride
give him no problems, he'll tell you no lies
and he'll be your friend 'till the dying end

la la la la la

la la la la la

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