Song about Andrea...

Like Jesse James with a knife
I know I should have thought twice
But I was caught in your spell
There was no way for me to tell.

Invited me in, and turned on the charm
You had me eating out of your palm
Enticing me with your seductive allure
Something's wrong, but I can't be sure

You exploited my trust in you
Carefully plotting your move
And when the opportunity rose
I was only there to impose

So you pilfered all that I taught
By practicing that which you caught
From the teacher, who passed on her book
To the pupil, who got all she took

Genuine interest is all that I thought
A friendship from you can only be bought
And if the bankroll isn't displayed
Your true character will then be portrayed

Beauty and honesty once radiated
You always were appreciated
But your vile conceit clouds those trait
As greed and selfishness consummates

So you want to be the Majesty
This can only lead to tragedy
You may win once, it won't work twice
What we learn from you, we'll share advice

Disguise your deceit as unintended
Feign to me, you've been defended
And that halo you wear over your head
It's just a prop, because the meaning has fled

CHORUS (to be inserted at undetermined points)
I can tell you're lying, 'cause your lips are moving
I've rid myself of you, so my life's improving
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